Mini Line Automation Systems are simply the easiest, most economical products for use and integration to asphalt machines available. The user friendly handset makes automating a machine quick and easy.


We Provide Simple Solutions to Complex Problems.

Mini Line Joint Matcher utilized on a commercial paving machine

Mini Line Dual Grade System featuring Multi Sonic Sensors installed                                     on a commercial paving machine


Mini Line Dual Grade and Slope utilized on a highway class paving machine


Mini Line Easy Averaging Beam utilized on a commercial class paving machine


Super Averaging Beam utilized on a Highway Class paving machine.

Lengths from 25 feet up to 43 Feet with robust integral hinge assembly.

Up to 6 individual Single or Multisonic Sensors for the ultimate in averaging smoothness.

Robust design with internal cable connections for maximum protection.

Simple, quick setup and take down for daily installation.

Most user friendly system on the market today.


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