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Introducing the Mat Manager Paving Quality System

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The MatManager registers job data and displays the information in real time to the operator(s). Collected data can be exported to the MatManager server for review, evaluation and reporting.

Mat Manager System Overview

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Benefits of using the Mat Manager  Quality Paving System

For the Operator / Superintendent

  • Eliminate errors and time spent doing manual calculations of paved area

  • Continuously monitor material consumption to assure right amount is placed and ordered from plant

  • Monitor material temperature

  • Keep track of load history

  • Visual indication of paving width, speed and vibrator frequency

  • Use hourly material consumption for better timing of incoming trucks

For Management / Ownership

  • Save money on material over runs

  • Troubleshoot paving quality issues by reviewing the history of paving parameters

  • Extensive reporting of paving jobs

  • Document key quality paving parameters to the end customer

  • Monitor machine efficiency

  • Monitor the job progress of one or more asphalt pavers real time from your office (future upgrade)

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