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Compaction Optimzier

About SMART Compaction

While there has been considerable information published over the past several years regarding Intelligent compaction systems, at MultiFit, unless there is actual interaction between the compaction assistant and the roller, we do not feel that defines intelligence. Unless the system actually makes physical alterations in the operating characteristics of the machine without operator intervention, we do not consider the system to be intelligent. SMART Compaction units simply display visual information to the machine operator so they might make changes in their operating methods to Optimize their compaction efforts. The intelligence to alter the operating characteristics of the machine rests with the operator. The information provided to the operator so they may make the alterations is SMART. In most instances in today's business environment, a simple yet SMART compaction assistant is what is commonly needed by most operators.

As an example, an automatic leveling or grade control system on a paving machine reads the existing grade and sends signals to alter the tow point height and screed elevation to maintain the predetermined proper height or thickness. The screed elevation is maintained automatically by the grade control systems, thereby altering the operating characteristics of the screed without further operator intervention. This is what we consider intelligent.


Many intelligent compaction systems today are most focused on gathering data in regards to the compaction aspects of each respective job such as stiffness values, material temperatures and gps pass counting. While this data is becoming a normal request on state and federal jobs, in most cases it is still not required for the bulk of paving projects. What is commonly needed is a SMART solution to assist the operators during the compaction process.

Some current roller manufacturers offer compaction measurement meters on new machines from the factory today. The problem is that the user must purchase a new roller in order to enjoy the benefits of the technology. MultiFit provides a SMART solution for that problem with an accurate yet inexpensive device that is retro-fittable to nearly any vibratory roller currently in the field, and is applicable to both single drum (soil roller) or tandem roller (asphalt) machines.

 Introducing the Compaction Optimizer

Compaction Optimizer I

Take the Guesswork out of the Compaction process

This simple compaction meter provides real time visual indication of the compaction process. The Compaction Optimizer is and aftermarket solution that fits nearly ANY vibratory roller.  Regardless of the roller, either for soils or asphalt, the Optimizer provides real time indication of the compaction process during the operation of the roller.  Identify weak spots in the materials being compacted, BEFORE the final top surface is placed. No more guessing whether the base materials are compacted effectively, no more wondering if the surface materials are compacted enough, no more wasted roller passes...........the Compaction Optimizer provides SMART information to the operator as the job is going on. With this SMART information, the operator can quickly and effectively complete the job without wasting time on unneeded roller passes or spot checking results, saving time and money!  Time sure flies when you Optimize! At MultiFit, this is how we roll!

Compaction Optimizer System Overview
Compaction Optimizer Overview
  • The Accelerometer is the heart of the Optimizer system. It is mounted centered on the non-isolated structure of vibrating drum and measures the relative motion of the drum with respect to the compactor frame (Rebound Vibration).

  • The Data Cable is routed and secured to the compactor frame up to the operator's station. The signals from the accelerometer are transferred through the data cable to the display

  • The Compaction Optimizer Display which is mounted at the operator's station for viewing by the operator.

Compaction Optimizer Features and Benefits
  • The Compaction Optimizer is a simple, inexpensive yet effective compaction indicator. While it does not measure density, it does provide indication of the overall stiffness of the materials being compacted across the jobsite.

  • There is no sophisticated operator training required. The unit is simply plug and play. As long as the operator can see, the Optimizer is functional for them.

  • Saves time and money by limiting redundant and unneeded roller passes. Once consistent values are achieved without elevation on subsequent passes there is no need for further compaction efforts.

  • Can quickly identify weak areas in surfaces and base materials being compacted saving in expensive and embarrassing "call backs" to repair failed or substandard sections. One "call back" repair can easily exceed the cost of a Compaction Optimizer.

  • Greatly enhances the quality control process as the Optimizer provides comparable indication across the entire job site work area being compacted.

  • Compatible with nearly any vibratory roller, soil or asphalt. (12 or 24 volt systems)

  • Easily transferable from one machine to another.

  • Weather resistant design, suitable for open cab installations.

 "Time sure flies when you Optimize!"

Order a new Compaction Optimizer today!

MultiFit, LLC is an independent aftermarket supplier who is not affiliated with any Original Equipment Manufacturer or producer of compaction machines. Any illustrations or photos are meant to be utilized for reference purposes only.

  • Simple, quick and easy installation on most rollers.

  • Optional temperature or frequency display with double amplitude indication.

  • 12 month warranty.

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