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Joint Heater Packages from TF Technologies

The Joint Heater is an infrared propane/butane gas burner used on asphalt pavers, assisting in the construction of longitudinal joints.

The Joint Heater will preheat the edge of the previously laid cold lane just prior to placing the new hot mix lane next to it. This approach ensures optimal conditions for a consistent continuous weld of the fresh and previously laid mats, preventing premature cracking of
the joint.

The Joint Heater comprises an aluminum frame with four or six burner heads, and an electrical circuit that will open the gas flow and ignite the gas in the burners, when power is applied to the circuit.

The built-in Constant Spark Box will produce sparks continuously during operation to re-ignite the gas on flame blow out. The Joint Heater includes power lead and gas hose.

A Joint Heater Extension Kit is available to connect the 6 burner and 4 burner version for a 10 burner Joint Heater.


4 Burner - 48 Inch Burner Package

12v or 24v


6 Burner - 72 Inch Burner Package

12v or 24v

6 Burner - 72 Inch Burner Package

Installed on a CAT 1055F with heavy duty, adjustable

swing arm mounts.

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