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 Compaction Optimizer II 

Available 2018

The intuitive Compaction Optimizer II display utilizes LED lights to indicate the progress of the compaction project. At the beginning of the project, only a few lights might illuminate. As the project progresses and higher levels of compaction are achieved, more LED lights are lit indicating the increase in material stiffness. Depending on the type of material being compacted (and the structure beneath) full illumination of the LED lights might not occur. It is entirely possible to achieve maximum compaction of a surface while illuminating LED  lights only up to the 70 level. The LED dial from 0 to 100 is intended to be used as as a reference between areas on the job being compacted at that time.

The Compaction Optimizer II  display additionally displays material temperature via a 3 digit number in the center of the display. This is an indication of the mat temperature displayed in Fahrenheit, via the IR temperature sensor installed in the center of the machine.

The RED LED indication in Compaction Optimizer II display (sometimes labeled "Jump" or "Attn" provides indication of a double amplitude occurrence. Highly compacted or stiff material can lead the drum to sudden jump motions which (over an extended period of time) can damage the surface materials and the roller, accompanied by strong vibrations and high noise. This resonance phenomenon is dis-played by the RED LED.

Compaction Optimizer 2 with Temp
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