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Multiple Tandem Rollers Optimized

Compaction Optimizers were installed on several different tandem rollers of all brands and sizes this week in the upper Midwest. The installation of the Optimizer is easy, quick and provides "ON the GO" feedback to the operator of the compaction process. Consistency of the surface or weak spots in the structure are detected and displayed via the highly visible, bright LED Optimizer display.

Optimize them all

A Compaction Optimizer was added to a Wacker RD12 in Iowa for a pavement maintenance and patching firm to help assess weak spots in areas to be repaired prior to and during the repair process.

Optimized Wacker RD12

Another Optimizer was installed on a CAT CB434-D in Wisconsin for a contractor paving roadways.

Optimized CAT CB434D

This Compaction Optimizer was installed on a new Sakai SW770 for a dealer in Wisconsin.

Compaction Optimizer on Sakai SW770

Another Compaction Optimizer installed on a Hamm HD12 for a commercial contractor in Minnesota.

Stay tuned for additional installs and contractor testimonials in the future.

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