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Titan Property Maintenance adds Mini Line system to paving operations.

Pictured below is Don Mutz of Titan Property Maintenance of Garfield, NJ utilizing a Mini Line commercial ski on their BOMAG 815-2 paving machine. The complete automatic grade package including slope control was added to automate and streamline the paving process for the Northern New Jersey Company.

The flexibility and mobility of the Mini Line system allows easy transport and quick transferring from machine to machine without extended setup, assembly or calibration, which was a key element in the decision to purchase for Titan Property Maintenance.

The simplicity of the systems to operate and maintain on a daily basis is another enticing factor. These are not like an old VCR that you need the manual each time to program. The systems are simple to set up, calibrate and operate - the key elements to sustainability and profitability for Titan Property Maintenance.

For more information - www.pavingsmarter.com or call MultiFit @ 816-788-0415

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