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MultiFit expands offering with Joint Heaters

In response to the continuing efforts to construct better longitudinal joints in North America, the staff of MultiFit have chosen to offer Joint Heaters from TF Technologies in 2019.

6 Foot Joint Heater

"These days it seems that more specifications are being written with joint heater requirements, especially in the northern part of the country" - states John Hood of Multifit. Many contractors have reached out to us regarding the potential for joint heater kits in the past. With the heavy winter weather and the damage to the existing roadways, it increases the demand for maintenance and the ability to increase the quality of the repairs.

One of the limitations of gas fired joint heaters is that the paving speeds that North American contractors are typically accustomed to must be adjusted to provide the joint heating package ample time to work effectively, and provide the best possible result when constructing joints in cool weather.

Joint Heater from TF Technologies

Available in 4 and 6 foot packages, the heaters can be coupled to offer a 10 foot package as well. The joint heater packages are complete with mounting hardware and have been in production operations in Europe for many years.

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