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Flooding can't stop Paving Season from opening up in Kansas City

Pictured below is Mike Bringus and Adam Lewellen of Seal O Matic Pavement Solutions in Kansas City, Missouri checking out the functionality of their newly installed Mini Line Dual Grade system from MultiFit on their Weiler P385B.

New Mini Line System on Weiler P385B
Seal O Matic Paving Solutions checking out new Mini Line System

After much evaluation and meeting with John Hood of MultiFit, owner Miles Jaben and superintendent Chase Saunders made the decision to start out the new season right with automated grade controls. The automation system was installed and calibrated quickly in the company's Riverside, Missouri facility.

Seal O Matic Pavement Solutions is a highly reputable commercial contractor that provides all types of asphalt services including patching, rehabilitation services, overlays and new construction.

Additionally, Seal O Matic Pavement Solutions is a 2018 recipient of a Top Contractor Award by Pavement Maintenance and Reconstruction Magazine.

Top Contractor
Pavement Maintenence & Reconstruction Magazine Awards Seal O Matic

The snow is hopefully gone, temperatures are rising and if the River doesn't rise (wait, it already did that) The Seal O Matic Pavement Solutions crews will be hitting it hard before you know it, placing tons and tons of that black gold.

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