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If You're gonna pave in Texas (part 2) - Excellent Yield Management Training Session in Texas

Recently the management team of Texas Materials made the decision to invest in products to enhance their paving quality operations and material yield control systems. Several Mat Manager systems were purchased and installed on multiple paving machines in the Austin, Texas division. The systems provide both real time and data gathering capabilities for corrections and analytics.

We experienced an excellent training session on the Mat Manager Quality Paving System with Texas Materials - Austin crews this past week in Austin. Pictured below is a Texas Materials superintendent demonstrating one of the crew how to input information into the system.

The Mat Manager Quality Paving System installs on nearly any paving machine and provides REAL TIME information regarding material yield on any project. The crew has access to visual information at any time regarding actual material usage versus planned material usage for the project. This is an excellent tool to control material usage while the project is ongoing - not simply providing information after the job is complete when nothing can be done to alleviate any potential issue.

The systems are very easy to use and in short order the paving crew personnel can input load data for each respective truck load into the system. The data input only takes a few seconds, based on each load ticket provided by the carrier. Once the load data is keyed in, information related to the project is displayed on the home screen of the Mat Manager Quality Paving System.

Additional information provided on the home screen is distance paved, square yards covered, average paving speed, timing interval until next truck is needed, last 10 loads of material usage and current material usage versus planned material usage - in REAL TIME. Multiple additional screens are displayed including current weather information, width of paving, material temperatures, trucking requirements and a host of other pertinent information including GPS mapping of the paving project.

Once the job is complete, a few touches of the Mat Manager screen and the entire project data package can be downloaded to a USB drive or uploaded to the online Mat Wiser analytical package for review or validation. Complete reporting capabilities are available via the secure Mat Wiser package. (Login Credentials Required)

Multiple pages of data are in a complete reporting system are available to the user including an overview page that displays a snap shot of the completed project.

An analytics page is displayed providing an overview of efficiency, consumption, deviation as well as stops on the project. These pages are simply overviews of the data that is provided within the software package for complete analysis and validation.

It has been stated, "If you want to improve something - measure it". The Mat Manager Quality Paving System does just that. Complete analytical data is provided for each project so a base line can be set and future adjustments to the operation can be effected for maximum efficiency of the entire paving operation. The key element of the Mat Manager is that it additionally provides all this information to the paving crew visually in real time so that adjustments can be made during the project if issues arise.

So.....If you're gonna pave in've gotta have a fiddle (or in this case a MAT MANAGER) in the band!

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