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Lawing Asphalt chooses Mini Line

Pictured below is Blake Lawing of Lawing's Asphalt putting down a beautiful mat with their 8510 Leeboy paving machine freshly fitted with a Mini Line Dual Grade and Slope system from MultiFit LLC.

8510 Leeboy Grade Controls
Trying out new Mini Line Dual Grade and Slope System from MultiFit

The Mooresville, NC company had done a fair amount of due diligence prior to selecting a Mini Line Grade Control system for their Leeboy 8510 paving machine. After talking with other paving contractors that owned Mini Line systems, Blake decided to give one of the systems a try.

Lawing Asphalt is a reputable contractor that performs all types of commercial work including tennis courts and running tracks. With a desire to provide consistent, repeatable results on all types of projects, Blake decided to make the jump to automation for his paving machine.

Performing equally as well either paving to grade or matching a joint, the Mini Line system fit Lawing's needs well. The compact size of the equipment, in addition to the straight forward installation and the machine interface controls provided by Multifit made the package well suited to Lawing's needs.

8510 Leeboy Joint Matching with Mini Line Grade Control
Lawing Asphalt Joint Matching with Mini Line Grade Controls from MultiFit

The integrated slope control package is an added bonus for Lawing Asphalt as much of the work they perform has stringent slope requirements. We want to thank Blake for the business and wish Lawing Asphalt a prosperous paving season.

For More information, call MultiFit LLC at 816-788-0415 or visit

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