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Mat Manager draws interest at Paving Professionals Workshop in Syracuse NY.

On February 5th, 2020 Tracey Road Equipment hosted a Paving Professionals workshop at the NY State fairgrounds in Syracuse. Multiple vendors including MultiFit were invited to attend and present to the group of nearly 400 registered attendees.

Attendees got the opportunity to review the latest product offerings from Roadtec, Carlson, Sakai, Etnyre, Road Widener as well as other equipment manufacturers. MultiFit LLC presented and displayed the Mat Manager yield management package on one of the Roadtec paving machines as well.

The Mat Manager was well received during the exhibition as well as during the technology presentation, drawing much interest and questions about the benefits of the capabilities of the systems.

The Mat Manager yield control system provides a REAL time view of actual material usage versus planned material usage during any paving project. Full, detailed reporting and analytics are provided via the accompanying Mat Wiser Analytics software package online. The systems can provide a huge advantage in controlling material usage on paving projects in REAL Time, as well as analytics of the entire paving process after completion of the project.

For more information on the Mat Manager or any other type of paving automation contact:

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