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ON GRADE! Mini Line Dual Grade System on new Carlson CP130 paver

Below are a couple of short video clips of a newly installed Mini Line dual grade system on a Carlson CP130 paver. The machine was sold by ALTA Equipment Company to Goodrich Asphalt of Alpena, Michigan.

The start up of the CP130 went well with the crew becoming quickly acclimated to the machine as well as the Mini Line Grade Controls. The first clip is of the Left Hand side of the machine automatically matching a joint with precision.

The second video below is of the Right Hand side of the machine automatically reading and setting grade on the existing base while the Left Hand side is automatically matching the joint from the previous pass.

The addition of automatic grade controls allows the paving crew to focus on other aspects of the paving process, rather than having to maintain constant contact with the screed depth adjusting screws. The grade controls also provide for a more precise finish and yield management control due to limited over runs by paving too thick.

ALTA Equipment is a full service equipment dealer with branches all across Michigan, offering Carlson, Roadtec and Volvo products.

Goodrich Asphalt is a repeat Carlson purchaser as the company currently operates a CP100 Carlson paving machine as well. Operating in Northwest Michigan, Goodrich is a full service asphalt contractor offering all types of maintenance, overlay and new construction work. The unique contractor is a producer as well, operating their own asphalt plant to better control the mix designs and production for their use.

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