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Stanziale adds Carlson CP75 with Mini Line Grade Controls to fleet.

Stanziale Construction of East Orange, NJ recently took delivery of their new Carlson CP75 fitted with Mini Line Grade Controls. Pictured below is Vic Stanziale obviously pleased with his latest acquisition.

The machine was fitted with Mini Line G224 Multi Sonic sensors from MultiFit, as Vic sited the need to periodically read a string line on job sites. The G224 Multi Sonic sensors installed on the Carlson CP75 made quite a nice package. The simplicity of set up and operation impressed the contractor as well.

An additional feature of the Mini Line system that particularly impressed the contractor was how quickly and easily the system could be moved to one of Stanziale's existing machines - a Roadtec RP175. Operational continuity between machines can be a huge help when different pavers are used by the same crew day to day.

The paving machines and Mini Line System were sold by CC&T - a division of GTMA, Folcroft, PA. Phone# 610-586-2710

For questions, comments or specifications please contact:

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