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If You're gonna pave in Texas......

Better be on top of your game. In the highly competitive markets across Texas, business is booming. Nearly everyone in the paving game is busy, really busy - which is a good thing.

With booming business, controlling costs and material yield has never been more important.

Pictured below are 4 new Vogele paving machines freshly fitted with Mat Manager yield management systems to ensure, validate and control material consumption on each respective paving job. While the Mat Manager systems offer many valued features including full job analytics and reporting, the ability to visibly see and adjust material consumption in REAL TIME is the primary attraction. The units were purchased by Texas Materials, a CRH company in Austin, Texas.

After demonstrating a Mat Manager system last summer, the ability to control yield was quickly apparent and a valuable asset to the Texas Materials Group. In addition to the 4 new Vogele machines, 2 additional systems are scheduled to be installed on the group's CAT machines this week as well.

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