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Mat Manager performs flawlessly in Sweet Home Alabama

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Pictured below is a Mat Manager installed on a CAT AP1000 paver being demonstrated to Wiregrass Construction in Huntsville, Alabama.

The system was installed to demonstrate the tracking, paving quality enhancement and real time yield management capabilities of the Mat Manager. The system performed flawlessly, being utilized with the Wiregrass companies ticket-less trucking system. Not only does the system provide the crew real time information in regards to the material usage being consumed, it provides complete job validation and analysis for viewing once the job is complete through the cloud based Mat Wiser system.

The entire project can be reviewed for consumption and deviations from project defined specifications. Overall paving operations can be reviewed as well. Material consumption, stops, truckloads, average speed, material temperature, gps locations and ambient weather conditions are all recorded.

The Mat Manager system was installed on Monday morning on a CAT AP1000 paving machine. The paving took place that night on I 65 south at Huntsville Alabama. The paving and training went very well, the Mat Manager operated as smoothly as the surface being placed.

If you are considering managing yield control or project validation on your projects contact:

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