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Machine Control Automation Financing now Available from MultiFit LLC

Due to the cyclic nature of the road building industry as well as the current economic conditions, preserving cash has never been more important to small businesses. In response to multiple inquiries, MultiFit LLC now offers financing through Advance Acceptance (a Division of First Western Bank & Trust).

While most companies are accustomed to lease and financing in regards to major equipment purchases, programs for Machine Control Automation such as yield management systems, averaging beams or grade and slope controls is not as common.

The program allows the customer to preserve cash on hand, yet take ownership up front and spread the cost of ownership over several budget periods.

If you have considered adding new grade and slope controls or any other type of Machine Control Automation but did not want to spend the cash early or late in the season, financing may be right for you. Flexible terms are available for most situations.

Rather than wait for "the right time" or "the right job", take a look at our quick online payment calculator to decide if Now is the right time to add machine control automation to your paving process.

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